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Publishers Group West® (PGW) is a leading book sales and distribution company in the United States, representing over 100 independent client publishers. PGW® sets the standard for integrated, full-service distribution, provides complete digital conversion services, and is a top-ten vendor to book retailers and wholesalers across the country. PGW’s sales and marketing expertise, experience, flexibility, and unmatched service provide valued client publishers with comprehensive and targeted distribution of their titles in today's ever-changing market place.

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We provide a full range of services to maximize visibility, availability, and sales of clients’ titles. More
We provide comprehensive services for a diverse collection of successful publishers, both domestically and internationally. More
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PGW academic marketing leverages the Ingram Academic website.
Now including titles distributed by PGW, the website provides a practical and convenient way for professors and other academics to learn about their titles, select books for inclusion in their courses and school libraries, and to place online orders for exam and desk copies.
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