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  SPANISH in 10 minutes a day®
  Kershul, Kristine K.
  Bilingual Books
It’s the perfect time to learn Spanish! The ever-popular "SPANISH in 10 minutes a day" now comes with a new digital download creating an even better hands-on language learnin...
  1,001 Delicious Soups and Stews
  Agate Surrey
A redesigned and reformatted version of a perennial favorite, this fourth edition of 1,001 Delicious Soups and Stews delights the palate and soothes the soul, no matter the se...
  Sub Pop USA
  Bazillion Points
In 1979, Bruce Pavitt moved to Olympia, WA, and began programming a show called Subterranean Pop on local community radio station KAOS-FM. Inspired by Olympia’s guide to indep...
  Spectrum 21
  Fleskes, John
  Flesk Publications
The best-selling Spectrum series continues with this twenty-first lavishly produced annual. Challenging, controversial, educational, and irreverent, the award-winning Spectrum...
  Where's Ringo?
  Jackson, Andrew G
  Thunder Bay Press
Eccentric and easily recognizable, Ringo Starr is often the least-credited of the four Beatles. Now he gets his due as an entire book devotes time to picking him out. Twenty B...
  Where's Ringo?
  Jackson, Andrew G
  Thunder Bay Press
Eccentric and easily recognizable, Ringo Starr is often the least-credited of the four Beatles. Now he gets his due as an entire book devotes time to picking him out. Twenty B...
  White Man's Problems
  Morris, Kevin
  Grove Press, Black Cat
In nine stories that move between nouveau riche Los Angeles and the working class East Coast, Kevin Morris explores the vicissitudes of modern life. Whether looking for creati...
  Bruno, Lee
  Cameron + Company
2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Panama–Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), and this fully illustrated coffee table book focuses on the groundbreaking exhibition a...
  Adventures in the Anthropocene
  Vince, Gaia
  Milkweed Editions
We all know our planet is in crisis, and that it is largely our fault. But all too often the full picture of change is obstructed by dense data sets and particular catastrophe...
  Butterflies in November
  Grove Press, Black Cat
* Long-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2014 * "I can’t remember the last time I was so enchanted by a novel like I am by Butterflies in November. Zany, sur...
  To the Far Right Christian Hater...You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can't Be Both
  Weinstein, Bonnie
  Rare Bird Books
From the six-time Nobel Peace Prize nominated Military Religious Freedom Foundation's official archives comes this jaw-dropping collection of hate mail, threats, and criticism...
  The Pitchfork Review Issue #4 (Fall)
  Pitchfork Media
Pitchfork continues our venture into print with The Pitchfork Review Issue #4. We’re proud to present this forth edition of our perfect-bound quarterly music publication, comb...
  Joyeux Anniversaire!
  Seuss, Dr.
  Ulysses Press
DR. SEUSS'S BELOVED BIRTHDAY BOOK IN AN ALL-NEW FRENCH TRANSLATION Every child loves to get a new Dr. Seuss book. They enjoy the thrill of opening it for the first time to ...
  Life Is a Soap Bubble
  Osho/Osho International Foundation
  Osho Media International
Mystics don't usually write books; they speak and work directly with people in a transformational way. Life Is a Soap Bubble is among the few written statements available from...
  Approaches to Behavior
  American Diabetes Association
Approaches to Behavior provides information and simple tools that healthcare professionals can use to help patients move beyond feelings that prevent them from benefiting full...
  Frommer's/AARP Places for Passion
Today Show contributor, AARP Sex and Relationship Ambassador, and best-selling author Pepper Schwartz has teamed up with Janet Lever (former coauthor of Glamour’s Sex and Heal...
  Ibn Tufayl
  Kukkonen, Taneli
  Oneworld Publications
Ibn Tufayl (1105–1185) was an Andalusian courtier, philosopher, Sufi master, and royal physician to the Almohad Caliphs. He inspired the 12th-century Andalusian revolt against...
  Garvey and Garveyism
  Black Classic Press
Amy Jacques Garvey worked closely with her husband, Marcus Garvey, throughout his crusade. Here she gives an insider detailed account of Garvey, Garveyism, and this nascent pe...
  Last Days in Shanghai
  Walker, Casey
Luke Slade, a young Congressional aide, begins this business trip to China like all other international travel he’s endured with “Lyin’ Leo”: buried under a slew of diplomatic...
  Adopting Older Children
  Bosco-Ruggiero/Russo Wassell
  New Horizon Press
Adopting Older Children addresses the most significant challenges surrounding older-child adoption (both domestically and internationally), including mental health, behavioral...